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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Air Asia promotion

So sesiapa yg berminat nk booked p cuti-cuti dr 1st October 2012- 31 January 2013 leh la p website Airasia...tgok kat FB ade yg dpt tiket flight (return) ngan hotel 3D2N ngan hrga 192 seorg...murah giler...i nk booked, tp travel date tu xkena mase la...ngan kelas lg ngah running mase tu...kan?

p/s ni klu bukak sekarang, sure masuk waiting room ni...hehe..so, bak kate kwn i, surf la time kul 6 ke time org sume ngah balik n sangkut dalam jammed =)

Hubby ajak p phuket? Nk tgok harga?Meh tgok kat bwh

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Disebabkan semalam kete hubby accident. so , i nak bg sikit tips-tips ttg bnda ni la..so, next time if it happened (berdoa semoga tiada lagi perkara-perkara buruk berlaku lg) again, so kite dah ade guideline.. xde la stress - blur- nk wat pe kan.

Ni pun credit kepada google. xigt dr forum mn ntah...

A few things you need to know about making police reports and insurance claims:

1. It is NOT TRUE that both parties will receive a summon from the
police when you make a report. This is what the party in the wrong
will tell you to scare you off from making a police report. The police
will only summon the driver who is at fault. So, if you are not at
fault, you don’t have to worry about being summoned if you make a

2. If you are not in the wrong, you can now bring the police report
and judgment to the other party’s insurance company. It is very
important that you ask the other party which insurance company is his
covered under. This will save you a lot of hassle.

3. You will only lose your NCB (no claim bonus) if the other party
claims your insurance. You will not lose your NCB if the other party
is in the wrong and you make a report and later claim his insurance.
The party in the wrong will usually try to scare you off from making a
report and claim insurance by telling you that both parties will lose
their NCB. This is not true.

4. If you are in the wrong and is responsible for fixing the other
party’s car, always insist on sending the damaged car to your
mechanic. This is to ensure that you are not fleeced by the other
party working in cahoots with his mechanic. If the other party refuse
to use your mechanic, then tell him that you will only compensate him
based on the amount assessed by your own mechanic. If you cannot reach
an agreement on this, insist on making a report.

5. Never ever let those vulture car towing agents that wait by the
road side tow away your car. You may have to pay an exorbitant amount
to get back your car later on. You may even lose some good spare parts
if you meet some unscrupulous people. Always call in your own tow
truck. Call your regular mechanic and ask him to recommend a car
towing company.

6. If the negotiation fails, always tell the other party that you
would rather make a police report. The last thing you want is to be
hoodwinked by some lowly street rats (jangan gadoh-gadoh ok)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Thanks darl

Thanks dear! anything yg u bg, i really appreciated n love it so much.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One second!

Lame xwat entry meluahkan isi hati-cliche giler bunyi.

Ye. ye. u r not in my shoes. so xdpt rase ape yg i rs. xdpt pk ape yg i pk. xtau mcm mn i go through semua bnda ni. . so,please jgn rs or pk ape yg i wat sia-sia. Please jgn pk, ala org lain lagi teruk dr u, so i ni kira better la.. No! i usaha sungguh-sungguh sbb i berusaha supaya ape yg berlaku buruk kat org lain tu, TAK berlaku kat i..its look like "org happy ke tgok i trime nasib yg buruk mcm org yg pernah mngalaminye?" ye i tau semua org ade bahagian masing-masing. Hubby pernah ckp "Jodoh, rezeki, ajal, semua tu Allah dah tentukan"..Tapi hubby advised kite xleh la xberusaha atau duk saje tgu rezeki datang golek-golek. USAHA+ DOA =TAWAKAL...ALLAH yg tentukan.

So, please please n please jgn pertikaikan ape yg i wat , sume sia-sia..jgn compared kan i..it's much much better if u cume bg i moral support,DOA & just support ape yg i wat. i xmintak duit ke ape ke.

Actuallly ini entry sesi meluahkan perasaan..Xlarat nk pendam kat dlm hati n xterasa hati nk story kt sesape...lastly, i cume usaha..so, please la jgn bg ape2 advise ckp "don't do this.. better u wait for a while " or ape2 je yg wat i rs stress..